Blood Filtration, Ozonation, Photomodulation (FOP)

Blood Filtration, Ozonation, Photomodulation

Through a peripheral catheter, blood comes out of a vein in one hand and goes through several stages of filtration. The treated blood then returns to the body through a vein in the other hand.

Blue Photomodulation:

Kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and allergens in the blood.

Modern Filtration System:

Removes heavy metals, toxins, and dead cells in the blood; regulates cholesterol.


Provides blood ozone saturation, oxygenation and detoxification.

Red Photomodulation:

Activates stem cell growth.

Multistage Blood Filtration With the Latest Technologies

Innovative healing procedure in 45 minutes

For the first time in Georgia, an innovative, 45-minute FOP Procedure - multi-stage blood filtration, ozonation, and photomodulation with the latest technologies. Do you want to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, recharge with new energy, recover and regain a joy for life? This painless, one-time procedure is also recommended for healthy people at least once a year to maintain health and youth. Get rid of slag and harmful substances that enter and accumulate in your body from food and the environment.

FOP therapy: breathe new life into your health!

Blood Filtration, Ozonation, and Photomodulation – is a cutting-edge medical approach that combines various sciences to enhance healing and wellness. This non-invasive therapy aims to improve oxygen delivery, enhance circulation, and promote detoxification at the cellular level. By introducing ozone-infused oxygen into the bloodstream, FOP Therapy has shown promise in treating various chronic illnesses and promoting overall well-being. Today, FOP Therapy is gaining recognition as a safe and effective alternative therapy for a wide range of health conditions.

Understanding the mechanisms of FOP

Oxygenation therapy utilizes techniques, such as infusing oxygen-rich substances or increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream, to improve the body's oxygen-carrying capacity. On the other hand, ozonation therapy involves the controlled administration of ozone to stimulate various healing processes in the body. FOP Therapy cleverly combines these two approaches to maximize their benefits.

How FOP therapy works at the cellular level

During an FOP Therapy session, your blood is gently withdrawn and passes through a specially designed machine. Inside the machine, your blood is supercharged with oxygen and ozone, effectively enhancing its oxygen-carrying capacity and promoting increased cellular oxygenation. Once revitalized, the blood is then reintroduced back into your body, providing a refreshing boost to your overall health and vitality.

The Benefits and Potential Applications of FOP

Improved oxygenation and circulation

By optimizing oxygenation at the cellular level, FOP Therapy can help improve blood flow, increase oxygen delivery to tissues, and enhance overall circulation. This enhanced oxygen supply supports the health of vital organs, speeds up recovery, and boosts energy levels.

Potential healing and detoxification effects

FOP Therapy’s unique combination of oxygenation and ozonation has the potential to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. It may help reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration, and aid in detoxification by eliminating harmful toxins from your body.

FOP therapy in treating chronic illnesses

FOP Therapy shows promise in alleviating symptoms and improving the quality of life for individuals with chronic illnesses such as autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, Lyme disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It may also complement other therapeutic approaches by enhancing their effectiveness.

Step-by-Step Guide to FOP Therapy Session

The session typically lasts 45 minutes. During an FOP therapy session, you will be comfortably positioned as a small cannula will be inserted quickly into a vein in either arm (as routinely done for blood drawing), and the blood will begin to flow through tubes through several machines before returning into the body. The special apparatuses will scan the blood and kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi in the blood.

Then, a special filter will remove heavy metals (mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and others) from the blood. Heavy metal toxicity reduces energy levels and damages the functioning of the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood composition and other important organs. They enter our body with the air we breathe and the water and food we consume, and become very dangerous for humans, causing various diseases and killing us.

The filter will also remove dead and defective cells, toxins, allergens, narcotics, cholesterol, cancer cells, and others. In addition to this, the incoming ozone will be mixed with the purified blood, which provides additional benefits.

Overall, this simple and quick procedure will eliminate inflammation in the body, stimulate your immune system, circulation, rejuvenation, restore vitality and energy, release more stem cells, growth factors, etc.

FOP therapy provides a breath of fresh air in the world of highly effective therapy. It offers a unique approach to improving oxygenation, circulation, detoxification, and potentially healing chronic illnesses.

The procedure is characterized by high efficiency and promotes:

Cleansing the body of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.)

Treatment of post-COVID complications

Destruction of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi

Treatment of autoimmune diseases (Psoriasis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.)

Removal of chronic fatigue syndrome

Regulation of cholesterol and blood pressure

Removal of dead and defective cells

Oxygen saturation of tissues and cells

Expulsion of pesticides, drugs and other toxins

Disintegration of atherosclerotic plaques

Increase in erythrocyte elasticity

Stimulation of energy production in mitochondria

The production of anti-cancer substances

Treatment of joint injuries and meniscus problems

Treatment of diabetic ulcers and venous stasis

Treatment of allergies and chronic sinusitis

Treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and dementia

Treatment / prevention of herpes zoster and herpes simplex

Burning of calories

Treatment of spinal injuries

Treatment of vaginal infections

Treatment of Lyme disease

Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Treatment of Tinnitus

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