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Our team of highly trained specialists have provided an array of services to tackle a wide range of health related matters.

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The First Regenerative Therapy Clinic in Georgia, Founded in 2021

At RegMed Georgia, we want to be your trusted partners in health!

As the first clinic of its kind in Georgia, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most innovative treatment options available. We hope that through natural, regenerative therapies, we can help heal or restore functions that traditional medicine alone has not been able to fully deliver.

Since opening our doors two years ago, we have helped numerous patients return to active, pain-free living after exhausting all other options. Our clinic continues to grow, and we have recently added partnerships with a registered dietitian. This integrated practitioner model allows for extra rehabilitation support and nutritional guidance as part of the healing process.

We look forward to serving all of your medical needs

Our clinic is located in a beautiful facility equipped with the necessary technology and medical equipment to support healing. Treatment rooms are comfortable and overall space designed for relaxation and wellness. Patients have access to a dedicated rehabilitation area should physical therapy be part of their recovery plan.

Our facility itself was purposefully designed with comfort, care, and recovery in mind. With such a skilled team and supportive environment, we aim to elevate healing outcomes through regenerative medicine.

A team of professionals with innovative approaches and available state-of-the-art technology sharing their expertise with colleagues from the Americas is our prospect of success.

Welcome to Tbilisi for Regenerative Treatment Services

Why RegMed Georgia invites patients from all over the world?

Nestled in the Caucasus region of Europe, Georgia has quietly established itself as a leading destination for cutting-edge medical treatments. Among these advancements, regenerative medicine stands out, offering diverse and potentially life-changing solutions for a wide range of conditions. Let's explore why Georgia, through the RegMed Georgia clinic and its innovative approach, offers a compelling choice for those seeking regenerative therapies.

Variety of regenerative treatment options

RegMed Georgia showcases a vast array of regenerative treatments, catering to various needs. From PRF therapy for pain management to exosomes and stem cell applications for tissue regeneration, patients can find a personalized approach to their specific condition. Whether you're struggling with chronic joint pain, seeking to recover from injuries, or hoping to address neurological disorders, RegMed Georgia offers options.

Regenerative therapy focused on individual care

Unlike some conventional treatment approaches, regenerative medicine emphasizes a personalized approach. RegMed Georgia prioritizes thorough consultations and in-depth assessments to understand each patient's unique needs and develop customized treatment plans. This individualized approach fosters better treatment outcomes and a more holistic healing experience.

Competitive cost and accessibility

Compared to clinics in other countries, RegMed Georgia boasts a unique advantage: affordability, synergistic approach, therapeutic choices, and a wide range of applications – a one-stop destination for everything from treatment of incurable diseases to aesthetic rejuvenation. 

Potential for continuous improvement

RegMed's commitment to research and development within the field of regenerative medicine is evident. Attendance of conferences worldwide and collaboration with institutes and universities drive innovation and enable new applications for these therapies. This dedication to progress assures patients that they are receiving treatments informed by the latest research and scientific breakthroughs.

Medical tour accompanied by a unique cultural experience

Choosing Georgia as the destination for your regenerative treatment will immerse you in its rich culture and natural beauty. From picturesque landscapes and historical sites to vibrant cities and delectable cuisine, Georgia offers a unique experience alongside your medical journey. Winemaking began in Georgia more than 8,000 years ago and this country is considered the cradle of this craft. This land was famous for its gold mining and gold making, so the Argonauts (the ancient Greeks) came to Georgia 3,500 years ago for the Golden Fleece. Here you can still touch history – churches built in the 5th century, castles erected in the 9th century, and cities carved into the cliffside 27 centuries ago – and be mesmerized by the deepest caves in the world and the highest mountains in Europe. You will be amazed by the unique choreography of Georgian dance and polyphonic singing.

For all these reasons, National Geographic consistently ranks Georgia as a top tourist destination.


With its diverse treatment options, advanced technology, personalized care, and affordability, RegMed Georgia presents a compelling proposition for those seeking regenerative medicine solutions. The country's commitment to safety, visa-free for 98 countries, and cultural richness further strengthens its position as a leading destination in this rapidly evolving field. If you're considering regenerative therapies, exploring the possibilities offered by RegMed Georgia might just be the path to healing and improved well-being.

Country of Georgia, location on the map

Situated on the border of Europe and Asia, Georgia is also close to the Gulf countries, making travel easy and inexpensive.

Regenerative medicine clinic in Tbilisi

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The Founder of the Clinic - Regmed Georgia

Launch of technological inventions and a new approach to therapy

Our clinic was founded in 2021 by Dr. Tengiz Tkebuchava who has dedicated the last 25 years of his career to researching the power of regenerative agents and developing new regenerative protocols.

Dr. Tengiz Tkebuchava is a cardiac surgeon by training who has worked in the field for decades and recognized that there was a need for alternatives to surgery and lifelong pharmaceutical management of chronic conditions. His passion for helping others through natural healing led him to open this clinic and expand access to these groundbreaking therapies.

He believes that these innovations, patented in the U.S., will help people cure various diseases on a massive scale quickly and non-surgically, including pathologies that are traditionally incurable.

Tengiz Tkebuchava MD, PhD

Dr. Tengiz Tkebuchava, who formerly resided in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Tbilisi and brings international experience, new approach to therapy and technological inventions to a world-class regeneration center.

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A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Medicine

American Center of Regenerative Medicine in Georgia

The Regmed Clinic has been established in Tbilisi, Georgia and has already earned the trust of a number of patients.

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