RegMed Georgia

Regenerative Therapy to Repair & Renew

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RegMed Georgia

Regenerative Therapy to Repair & Renew

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RegMed Georgia is an American clinic in the Republic of Georgia founded and run by Americans. Our doctors have 20 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in medicine and specifically, regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine - an innovative, safe and effective natural remedy for the treatment of various types of diseases, including the prevention and treatment of incurable pathologies in the traditional sense.

Actively used in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery

Effective for the prevention and treatment of Alopecia

The procedure is completely painless and treatment material is taken from the patient’s body, without any unnecessary chemical additives

After the procedure, the patient returns to their normal life routine.

Innovative Procedures

Regenerative Therapy to Repair & Renew

Our Services

Regenerative Therapy to Repair & Renew

At RegMed, we await you with world-class professionals, cutting-edge technology, 24 hour-service and luxurious facilities.

Relax and rejuvenate at an affordable price.

Our representatives are multilingual, and can serve you in English, French, German, Russian and Turkish.

Our VIP escort service will meet you at the Tbilisi airport (TBS) or other location and chauffeur you between your hotel and our clinic.

Our VIP lounges offer a relaxing environment and best-in-class service while you wait for your treatment.

Our travel agents will also draw up a vacation itinerary for your stay in Georgia, so you can experience our unique culture, hospitality, nature, cuisine and wines.

RegMed’s treatment includes regenerative agents like PRP, CRP, Fat aspirate concentrate and adipose-derived stem cells, fat grafts, growth factors, peptides, A2M, and others; we support our therapies when indicated with shockwave therapy and extracorporeal blood filtration and Ozone therapy so that you will feel a dramatic difference after 45 minutes.

Our invented technology and therapeutic approaches can play a crucial role in your return to radiant good health. We offer the best that modern medicine has to offer, available only to a select few.

Choose RegMed and avoid expensive but disappointing procedures which waste your valuable time and money, while not improving your health outcome.

We offer the highest quality products and services in the industry, with productive collaboration, and long-standing partnerships with doctors, academia, and companies.

We encourage companies to contact us to discuss clinical trials and other projects. Our service, equipment, and experience will help you to succeed.

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