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American Center for Regenerative Medicine Already Providing Regenerative Biopreparation Treatment Services in Georgia

The Regmed Clinic has just been established in Tbilisi, Georgia and has already earned the trust of a number of patients.

The world today is paying greater amounts of attention to regenerative medicine, as evidenced by its rapid development, with numerous publications on the topic, Nobel Prizes, and impressive treatment results.

The founder of the clinic is Dr. Tengiz Tkebuchava, who formerly resided in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Tbilisi and brings international experience, new approach to therapy and technological inventions to a world-class regeneration center.

He believes that his inventions, patented in the U.S., provide an optimal way to achieve desired results with a new vision for therapy.

A team of professionals with innovative approaches and available state-of-the-art technology sharing their expertise with colleagues from the Americas is our prospect of success.

A revolutionary breakthrough in medicine

Regenerative therapy is credited with revolutionizing medicine. This is a new development for medicine after the discovery of anesthesia and antibiotics.

To the question of what stem cells can do, the answer is simple - everything!

They can grow new blood vessels, replace dead cells, create new functioning organs (including bone), restore vision and hearing, return movement to paralyzed limbs, rejuvenate facial skin, and more.

This is all easily understood if we recall that we all evolved from a single cell that produced all kinds of biological tissue: skin, muscle, bone, nerves, blood vessels, and more. Without stem cells, we would not have survived past one hour after birth.

Therefore, regenerative medicine is not the development of traditional medicine, it is its next step.

This is not only a new phenomenon that is changing medicine, but also a paradigm, allowing us to live long and feel healthy, a prerequisite for happiness.


The idea of ​​establishing the center is based on creating favorable conditions for the development of high tech medical innovations in Georgia.

Dr. Tkebuchava believes that these innovations will help people cure various diseases on a massive scale quickly and non-surgically, including pathologies that are traditionally incurable.

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